All Fixed Fee prices quoted have been supplied to LBcompare by the associated provider and should reflect the total cost including all mandatory fees and charges.

Where companies charge a percentage of a processed claim (for example reclaiming PPI) all prices have been based on a typical example of £1000 for ease of comparison.

Any additional costs excluded from the total price should be made clear for each product.

Pricing information should be kept up-to-date and is the responsibility of the provider.

Any marketing statements or featured promotions should be factually correct, up-to-date and avoid misleading or exaggerated claims

LBcompare are not responsible for any errors or loss as a result of incorrect pricing or statements made by providers.

If you have any concerns with a provider giving inaccurate information then please Email Us or write to: Celame (UK) Ltd, 25 Moorgate, London, England, EC2R 6AY .