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A. General advice and preparing the Claim Form– £100.00 + VAT and also the Court fee from the table below:

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Wrigley Claydon offer a number of additional fixed fee services for Claimants in Small Claims Court.

B. Applying for Judgment  (if your opponent fails to file a Defence)- £50.00 plus VAT

C. Advice on Defence and Directions and completing the Allocation Questionnaire – £100.00 plus VAT plus Court fees as follows:

Allocation Questionnaire fee

  • Small claim for money of £1,500 or less – no fee
  • Small claim for money where the claim is between £1,500 and £5,000 – £35.00


Hearing fee:
Hearing Fee Small Claims Court

D. Preparing statements– £100.00 + VAT for the first statement and £50.00 + VAT per each statement thereafter

E. Counsel’s fee or Wrigley Claydon’s Fee for the hearing– £300.00 + VAT

F. Instructing the Sheriff – £50.00 + VAT plus a Court fee of £60.00 and the Sheriff’s fee of £60.00 + VAT.

Any other enforcement proceedings – £100.00 + VAT plus Disbursements

  1. Oral Examination. A Court application fee of £50.00 and process server’s fee of £88.00
  2. Attachment of Earnings. A Court fee of £100.00.
  3. A Charge upon the Defendant’s property. A Court fee of £100.00 and Land Registry fees of £72.00.



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