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Jacobs & Reeves offer a fixed fee to represent you throughout the divorce to a conclusion and issue out a petition to your spouse.


Before the first meeting with one of our team, we ask that you complete an Instruction Form which will provide us with much of the information that we need in advance. You can print off a copy of the form from our website. One of our specialist lawyers will then discuss your circumstances in further detail at your first meeting.

Please click here to download the Instruction Form and please bring this with you to our first meeting.

Many divorces proceed undefended and it is likely that you will qualify for our fixed fee scheme.

In the event that the divorce is defended and additional work is required or if the matter becomes more complex, we may need to increase our fees in line with the additional work required, however we will discuss this with you upfront so you will be fully aware of the costs involved.

Another reason why fees may increase is that if your spouse fails to return the acknowledgement of service within the correct time frame. Once the divorce petition is issued by the Court, it is then sent to your spouse or their solicitors. If they fail to deal with the petition when it arrives, we may need to serve a further petition on them. This will normally be handed to them personally by a Process Server so we can be sure that they receive the papers. Process Servers often charge a fixed fee for their services and so we will be able to inform you of the likely cost if this course of action becomes necessary.


  • If the divorce is defended
  • If we have to employ the services of a Process Server
  • The cost of obtaining a copy of your marriage certificate if you are unable to find it. The cost of a replacement marriage certificate is currently £10.00. This must be submitted to the Court with the divorce petition.
  • Advice about property, finances and children matters.
  • Enforcing an Order for costs.
  • A cross petition. This is when the Respondent disagrees with the grounds claimed in the petition and puts forward their own reasons for the breakdown in the marriage

The divorce procedure for dealing with matrimonial finances and children matters is separate to the divorce procedure. This can include matters relating to the family home, pensions, savings, investments and maintenance.

Many people do not realise that they can obtain a divorce without finalising matters in relation to their property, finances and children. If your circumstances do involve such matters, it is important that you seek legal advice from a specialist lawyer who has experience of dealing with those sorts of issues. Here at Jacobs and Reeves our lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with matters involving children and finances. These services will not be covered by our Fixed Fee Divorce Scheme and our fees will be charged on an hourly rate basis. Once we have met with you and we are aware of all of your personal circumstances, we will be able to give you a clear indication of the likely costs involved.

If you are the Petitioner the fees for an undefended divorce will be as follows:

1. £269.40 for the initial meeting you have with one of our experienced team, where we will discuss your case and advise you on the best course of action based on your personal circumstances.

2. £550.00 payable on issue of the divorce petition by the Court

3. £269.40 which is payable at the Decree Nisi stage

Fee summary:

Our costs (inclusive of VAT) £538.80

Court fee on filing the application £550.00

Total £1088.80


Total: £1088.80



For all enquiries concerning our Fixed Fee Arrangement please contact our head office on 01202 674 425, by fax on (0) 1202 681167 or by email

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