Directions Questionnaires From £99 plus VAT

We will provide advice on directions and will assist with completing the Directions Questionnaire

Fixed Fee – £118.80 ( £99 + VAT )

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At QualitySolicitors Howlett Clarke we have a dedicated team who advise clients on their rights concerning consumer credit and insolvency.

Consumer credit covers a vast area of law and can involve such things as:

  • Disputes with creditors / banks / debt collectors
  • Overdrafts and bank accounts
  • Hire & Hire purchase agreements
  • Catalogue purchases, store cards and credit cards
  • Loans (both secured and unsecured)
  • Section 75 Consumer Credit Act (creditor liability for suppliers breach of contract or misrepresentation)
  • Unlawful repossession of protected goods under Hire Purchase agreements.
  • Unfair relationships under s140 Consumer Credit Act 1974
  • Time orders and Debt relief orders
  • Telephone harassment by creditors and/or debt collectors
  • Default notices and termination of regulated credit agreements
  • Data Protection and credit reference agency disputes
  • Sale of goods and distance selling.

The list above is not exhaustive, but is merely an example of the types of issues that fall within the remit of our consumer credit team. Our team have experience of dealing with all types of consumer credit and debt litigation arising out of regulated credit agreements in the County Courts, High Court and the Court of Appeal.

The Consumer Credit Act 1974 is an extremely complicated piece of legislation and dealing with debts which arise out of the 1974 Act can be a very stressful experience, however our team are here to help guide you through the process and aim to make the process as stress free as possible.

Our team also deal with insolvency matters such as setting aside statutory demands issued in relation to debts regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

If you’re facing litigation from a bank, credit card company or debt collector please  contact us on 0800 015 6918 or 01273 327272 and we’ll arrange for you to have a free, initial chat with one of our specialist legal experts who will explain what options are available to you.


At Quality Solicitors Howlett Clarke we have a dedicated consumer credit litigation team.

If you are facing court action from banks or debt collectors you should contact us. We can assist you with all aspects of litigation arising from credit agreements. With our knowledge of consumer credit legislation, codes of practice and court procedures we can help put you back in control.

We offer competitive fixed fee packages for each stage of the litigation process so you can pick and choose the assistance you need for a clear price.

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Consumer Credit Advice Session (45 minutes)

From £99
Consumer credit covers a vast area of law and your debt may not be payable. We will consider key documentation and the actions of the Creditor in accordance with the Consumer Credit Act 1974. We will advise on the merits of a defence and prepare written advice setting out the merits, risks, costs and tactics.

Preparation of a Defence From £250 plus VAT

Creditors will often rely on consumers not understanding how to put forward coherent structured defences. We will consider all documentation provided with reference to the provisions of relevant legislation and codes or practice. We will review all other relevant aspects to your case and prepare a detailed confident defence that includes the issues which have been raised.

Directions Questionnaires From £99 plus VAT

We will provide advice on directions and will assist with completing the Directions Questionnaire.

Preparation of a Witness Statement From £295 plus VAT

A case can be won or lost by the evidence provided in a witness statement. We will liaise with the witness to consider all relevant information and evidence provided. Once the issues have been thoroughly considered we will prepare a witness statement giving careful thought to the content and presentation of the statement.

Representation at Trial

Price subject to availability – Call us to find out more – 0800 015 6918 or 01273 327272 .
We will prepare your documents, instruct a barrister to attend and take all necessary steps to ensure you are ready for the Trial.

Reduced Hourly Rate From £160 per hour plus VAT

If you require other consumer credit legal assistance not covered by our fixed fee pricing structure, we may be able to act on a reduced hourly rate. Whether its preparing a court application, supplemental pleadings or without prejudice letters we may be able to help for less than you may think.

Please note the above standard costs exclude any court fees and barrister’s fee that may be due. All cases are different and the prices given are an indication of the costs of each stage so that you have an idea of your commitment throughout the process.



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