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Your documentation is reviewed and Joanna Connolly’s initial advice on your defence prospects is free.  We have realised that our clients greatly benefit from Joanna Connolly, a solicitor who specialises in consumer credit law, personally dealing with the case management of county court claims from start to finish.

The claimant’s solicitors will know that you are getting specialist consumer credit advice, and we are able to develop a coherent case strategy in order to achieve the best outcome for you. We deal with all the correspondence with the court and the claimant, relieving you of the stress of this complex process.

Due to the specialized nature of our practice, and the number of cases we handle, we are able to offer an end to end service, at an affordable fixed fee. You know from the outset what your costs will be, and are not subject to solicitors normal hourly rates. Joanna will personally develop a strategy and take a hands-on approach when dealing your case. You will be kept informed of developments as your case progresses.

The service includes:-

  1. Initial free advice from our solicitor Joanna Connolly
  2. Review of court pleadings and all documentation
  3. Advising and agreeing a case strategy with you
  4. Formally notifying the court and claimant solicitors that we are on the court record.
  5. Dealing with all correspondence with the court and claimant solicitors
  6. We draft the defence, complete the directions questionnaire, draft your witness statement.
  7. Deal with small claims mediation or settlement negotiations if required/instructed
  8. Trial preparation should it be required such as bundles and instructions to counsel (barrister) /our solicitor advocate.
  9. Arranging representation at trial/hearing by counsel, our solicitor advocate at preferential rates if needed**

Contact us on 0330 053 9340 or by email jo@joannaconnollysolicitors.co.uk

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Small Claim under £5,000                                                         £750 plus VAT*

Any work involving applications we consider necessary to issue to progress the case such as Disclosure, Strike Out and Unless Orders are dealt with separately on a conditional fee basis*

*  you are responsible for the payment of disbursements such as court fees and travel. You may be eligible for fee remission of court fees subject to your financial situation.
** The provision of advocacy is not included in the fixed price


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