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PPI Reclaim – AJM Trading Ltd / Premium Credit Claims


25% + VAT

Example: If your claim succeeded and you were refunded £1000 by your lender/bank you would pay the firm £300



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Services Offered – PPI Reclaim

25% + VAT

Example: If your claim succeeded and you were refunded £1000 by your lender/bank – you would pay the firm


See the Terms and Conditions below…


AJM Trading Ltd
Technology House
2 Lissadel Street
Greater Manchester M6 6AP

0800 612 6914




Premium Credit Claims
Technology House, Salford University Business Park
Lissadel Street, Salford, M6 6AP
PHONE: 0800 612 6914
Premium Credit Claims is a Trading name of AJM Trading Limited, Company Number 6847049

E-mail us: info@premiumcreditclaims.co.uk

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AJM Trading Ltd – is a registered company in England and Wales (Company Number: 6847049) Ltd on Companies House

View on Ministry of Justice Website – Authorised – CRM19966

Premium Credit Claims

Terms & Conditions ( as at 01/04/16)
1. Definitions
1.1 Claim(s) means the Clients claim or claims against the Company relating to the mis-selling of a payment protection insurance policy or policies or claims arising from mis-sold packaged bank account fees.
1.2 Client means the policyholder/account holder(s), whose details are set out in the Letter of Authority and who have appointed Premium Credit Claims to provide the Services;
1.3 Company means the Financial Institution and or persons to whom the Letter of Authority is addressed being the Insurance Company, Bank, Building Society, Credit Card Company or Financial Advisor or any other entity which sold the policy/account or gave advice to the Client, or applied the unlawful charges (including for the avoidance of doubt any employee, director, agents, representatives and associates of said entities or any other entity and/or any or their predecessors);
1.4 Compensation means any sums paid or awarded as calculated at the time of the award that would not have been paid if the Claim had not been made;
1.5 œPremium Credit Claims means Premium Credit Claims, a trading name of AJM Trading a limited liability company and a third party claims handler, registered in England and Wales with number 6847049 having its registered office at Technology House, 2 Lissadel Street, Salford, M6 6AP.
1.6 Fee means the fee of 25% plus VAT of the Compensation, payable to Premium Credit Claims for the Services carried out by it for reclaiming Payment Protection Insurance/packaged abnk account fees. For example, on a PPI/packaged bank account claim where 25% is payable, if we recover £1000 compensation, our fee would be £250.00 plus VAT £50.00 and you would receive £700.00 please see the separate sheet on the claim pack which explains our fee with different compensation scenarios- Headed Fees
Please click below to see the claim pack and the Fee Examples scenarios.

1.7 œLetter of Authority means the letter included in the claim pack to be sent to the Company from the Client;
1.8 Services means the services provided by Premium Credit Claims including assessing the variability of, preparing, submitting and negotiating your claim; and
1.9 Terms means these terms of engagement.
2. Conduct of Engagement
2.1 If your claim was introduced by a third party to Premium Credit Claims the person/company who introduced you will receive a commission payment if the case is successful.

3. The Client will:
3.1 by completing and signing the letter of Authority give Premium Credit Claims his/her/their consent and full authority to deal with the Company on the Clients behalf and to obtain relevant information from whatever source on a continuing basis;
3.2 deal promptly with every reasonable request by Premium Credit Claims for authority, information and documents and further instructions that Premium Credit Claims may from time to time require. Failure to do so will give Premium Credit Claims the right to terminate this Agreement forthwith and the Client will reimburse Premium Credit Claims its reasonable costs incurred in pursuing the Claim to the date of termination;
3.3 promptly inform Premium Credit Claims of any relevant matters affecting the claim;
3.4. If any claim to a third party is successful and Compensation be paid direct to the Client, or the compensation be deducted from an outstanding balance that is still owed by the client to the lender, Premium Credit Claims will invoice the Client for the Fee which will become immediately due and payable by the Client to Premium Credit Claims. If this fee is not paid in full within 28 days of the dated invoice it shall be deemed a termination of the Agreement and will fall under clause 3.6 below;
3.5 give Premium Credit Claims the right to deal exclusively with the Claim, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Client and Premium Credit Claims;
3.6 By signing this agreement you have a 14 day cooling off period to cancel the agreement in writing. After the 14 days and subject to clause 3.7 below, if this Agreement is terminated by the Client for any reason, pay Premium Credit Claims a sum reasonable for the amount of work already carried out, this is currently £60 per hour plus VAT or, if the Claim has already been submitted by Premium Credit Claims and Premium Credit Claims proceeds with the Claim and the Claim is successful, the Fee or the cancellation fee, whichever is the greater.
3.7 if the Client terminates this Agreement and Premium Credit Claims proceeds with the Claim, if the Claim is unsuccessful and no Compensation is payable to the Client, the Client will not be liable to pay a fee plus VAT referred to in Clause 3.6 above or any monies whatsoever in respect of the Claim; and
3.8 for the avoidance of doubt not be liable for any charge in respect of the Claim if the Claim is pursued and the Company pays no Compensation
Premium Credit Claims will;
4. rely on the information and documents provided by the Client to Premium Credit Claims as being true, accurate and complete. Premium Credit Claims will not audit, test or check such information or documents except where it is under a legal obligation to do so.
4.1 use its reasonable endeavours to obtain the maximum Compensation for the Claims which are pursued;
4.2 promptly notify the Client if the Claim is not to be pursued. It is at Premium Credit Claims sole discretion to decide whether or not to proceed with the Claim at any time during the claims process but Premium Credit Claims must act reasonably in taking any such decision. The client has a 14 day cooling off period and may cancel their agreement in writing at any time subject to rule 3.6 & 3.7
4.3 promptly notify the Client of the outcome of the Claim;
4.4 as soon as is reasonably practicable following the settlement of a Claim and the payment of Compensation by the Company to Premium Credit Claims , pay the Client the balance of the Compensation, after deducting the Fee.
4.5 preserve confidentiality, including the Clients personal information (even when this Agreement has terminated and the Client is no longer a Client), save as expressly or implicitly authorised to the contrary including where disclosure is made at the Client™s request or with the Client™s consent in relation to pursuing the Claim or where otherwise required by law.
5. Disclaimer
5.1 Premium Credit Claims accepts no liability for any loss suffered by the Client by entering into this Agreement and specifically in the event that no Compensation is paid to the Client by the Company. Any claim by way of consequential damage arising out of any act or omission or commission by Premium Credit Claims is specifically excluded.
5.2 You are aware that you could complain directly to the Company at no cost, with the ability to take matters further with the Financial Ombudsman Service yet still wishes to pursue your complaint via Premium Credit Claims.
5.3 Full details of Premium Credit Claims internal complaints handling procedures are available upon request and is viewable on our website under the ‘about us’ page.
5.4 Premium Credit Claims is regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of regulated claims management activities; our authorisation number is 19966.
5.5 The client understands that they are able to make a claim themselves but would like to use the professional services offered by Premium Credit Claims.
5.6 Premium Credit Claims states that any client or potential client has the right to shop around and seek further advise before committing to this agreement.
6. Governing Law
6.1 This agreement shall be subject to the laws of England, Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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