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Product Description

What work is covered?

  • An initial telephone consultation of up to half an hour. If this is not long enough the time can be extended to up to an hour for an additional £50.
  • Preparing all the required documentation.
  • Corresponding with the court.
  • Concluding matters upon the pronouncement of the decree absolute the final piece of paperwork in a divorce.

What work is not covered?

  • If the other person cannot be found..
  • If the proceedings are defended.
  • If the other person lives outside of the UK
  • Obtaining the marriage certificate if it has been lost.
  • Issues relating to children, financial issues or domestic violence.
  • Issues relating to who pays the cost of the divorce, or enforcing cost orders.
  • Defending a claim for costs made against you.
  • Attendance at court ( this is very rare)
  • Amending the papers after they have been issued with the court i.e. if you wish to add new allegations or change the ground for divorce.

Our total fee to represent you in a straightforward non-contested divorce is £995. For your convenience, we have set out above what is included in the total fee as follows:

Fees – £450
+ VAT – £90
Court Fee (Petition) – £550
Court Fee ( Decree Absolute) – £45

Total £1135.00




For all enquiries concerning the Fixed Fee Arrangement please contact us on telephone number 01245 216888.

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