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Product Description

Half hour meeting to prepare and lodge petition at court.

Fixed price divorce including VAT & Court Fees where details have been agreed between the parties.
Matters can be dealt with online or in person at our offices in Mansfield.

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  • Matters can be dealt with online or by personal attendance at the office
  • We see your divorce through from start to finish
  • High street service for online prices
  • You speak to the solicitor dealing with your case not a call centre
  • Only half of the payment for our fees is required up front (unlike some online divorce sites which demand full payment without having carried out all the work!)

Costs in the fixed fee divorce are likely to be as follows:

Our Fees: £360.00 inclusive of VAT

Court Fees: £550.00 ( you may be exempt from these if you are on a low income – Read Here )

Total: £910.00

This package includes the following services:

  • Free half hour interview (if you live out of Nottingham area this interview can take place by phone)
  • Drafting and preparing the Petition and Statement of Arrangements for Children if required or Certificate of Reconciliation
  • Arranging for documentation to be issued at Court
  • After your husband/wife is served, notifying you and then dealing with the drafting of the Special Procedure Affidavit
  • Applying for Decree Nisi
  • Legal advice on impact of divorce

This package will not be available in the following circumstances:

  • Where an amended or further petition is required or there is a change of instructions or grounds
  • If matters are contested (i.e. not agreed) by your husband/wife
  • Where we have substantial difficulties in serving the other party with the divorce documentation

Possible further costs

The possible fees payable to third parties are:

  • Fee for obtaining a marriage certificate                       £9.50
  • Fee for Process Server or Court Bailiff – Variable – Around £60.00 for the Nottingham area


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