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Fixed Fee divorce/dissolution Respondent (if someone is divorcing you)

Costs £200.00
VAT £40.00
Total £240.00

What is included in the fixed fee?

  • Initial free consultation with one of our expert family lawyers together with the email, telephone number and mobile number for your lawyer.
  • Correspondence and discussions with you, the court and the other side in respect of the divorce proceedings.
  • Drafting the divorce/dissolution supporting documents namely;-

For the Respondent

  • Preparing the acknowledgement of service
  • Checking court papers
  • Certificate of Entitlement to a divorce
  • Decree Nisi/Conditional Order
  • Decree Absolute/Final Dissolution Order

What is not included in the fixed fee?

  • Obtaining a duplicate marriage certificate
  • Costs involved if the divorce/dissolution is defended
  • Fees charged by process server or bailiff should it be necessary to arrange personal service of documents
  • The cost of amending divorce/dissolution papers after they have been lodged with the court.
  • If acting for the Respondent the cost of applying to the court for the decree absolute/final dissolution order
  • Dealing with any issue relating to the children, property, finances or domestic violence
  • The cost of tracing one party
  • The costs of applications for additional directions or orders such as deemed service or substituted service or omitting an address from documents.
  • Representing you at court in respect of your divorce/dissolution
  • Enforcing costs orders made
  • Defending any allegations made

If at any time one of the above applies to your case or some unforeseen complication arises with your divorce then you will no longer qualify for the fixed fee. We will notify you about this and we can discuss any issues. If appropriate we will try to give you an estimate of the likely costs to be involved in concluding or dealing with your divorce.

Payment of fixed fees – payment should be made at the start of your case. If this not possible or difficult for you then in stages:
Respondents – £150 on initial instructions and £90 upon decree nisi/conditional order.

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Fixed fees for Divorce/Dissolution of a civil partnership


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