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What’s included?

If your spouse has or is about to commence Divorce proceedings against you and you do not wish to contest the Divorce, then we offer a fixed fee package to assist you in bringing the Divorce to a conclusion.

The fixed fee includes an initial meeting with one of our specialist Family Law team to enable us to take your instructions. The first meeting normally lasts up to 30 minutes and includes completion of the Acknowledgement of Service document that you are required to return to the Court once Divorce proceedings have been commenced.

What’s not included?

1. Advice on financial provision. Please note that as a result of your marriage you and your spouse are both entitled to make financial claims against each others property and assets (including pensions): a divorce does not bring these financial claims to an end. You need to obtain an Order from the Court to do so, which can be obtained by consent if you are able to reach an agreement or following contested Court proceedings. If you do not obtain such an Order then you risk your spouse not only making future financial claims against the property and assets you had at the time of the divorce but, also those you acquire subsequently.

2. Advice on children.

3. Any steps required if you wish to defend the divorce and/or cross petition for divorce.

4. Any dispute in relation to Costs Orders. Your spouse can ask the Court to order that you have to pay his/her costs of the Divorce. You can object to this and this will be confirmed in your Acknowledgement of Service document. If your spouse still wishes to pursue a Costs Order then he/she will need to write to you at least two working days before the date of the Court hearing for the pronouncement of Decree Nisi informing you that he/she still seeks a Costs Order. You will need to attend at the Court hearing for the pronouncement of Decree Nisi to put your position to the Judge.

Price for Divorce – Respondent

  • Fees: £150
  • VAT – 20% – £30
  • TOTAL – £180.00

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