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Product Description

What’s included?

The fixed fees cover the costs relating to work up to, and including, your spouse obtaining the Decree Absolute (final divorce order). Preparing your Divorce Petition and supporting documentation. Preparing Application for Decree Nisi or Conditional Order and Statement in support. Preparing Application for Decree Absolute or Conditional Order to be made Final. Corresponding with you, your spouse, and the Court.

What’s not included?

There are occasions when a divorce is not straightforward and the matter can become more complex.

Below are a few examples where additional work could be needed and we would have to discuss the likely costs involved with this. If you have instructed previous solicitors prior to ourselves and your file of papers has to be transferred to us then there will be an additional fee of £65.00 (incl VAT). This fee includes corresponding with your previous solicitors and considering your file.

If there have been previous divorce proceedings which need to be dismissed before your divorce can proceed, then there will be additional costs and court fees which we can discuss with you.

If your Spouse decides to defend the Divorce Petition, or issues a Cross Petition. We can provide you with a quote for the additional work.

If your Spouse does not file an Acknowledgment of Service and further work is required. We can provide you with a quote for the additional work.

If personal service of the Application is also required then we will discuss the cost of instructing a Process Server with you. If the Petition needs to be amended after it has been issued by the Court, because you wish to make changes, then there will be an additional fee from £65.00 (incl VAT). There will also be an additional Court Fee of £90.00.

If any additional Affidavits or Statements are required. We can provide you with a quote for the additional work. There may be certain circumstances when the Court can make Costs Orders within the divorce.

If you wish us to carry out any additional work regarding the Costs Orders then there may be additional fees which we will discuss with you.

The Fixed Fee does not cover any advice or proceedings relating to property, finances, children, or a divorce where any party lives abroad.

Price for Divorce – Petitioner

  • Fees: £412.50
  • VAT – 20% – £82.50
  • Petition to the court £550.00
  • TOTAL – £1045.00


( you may be exempt from court fees if you are on a low income – Read Here )

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Divorce – Petitioner

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