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Product Description

What’s included?

  • A first meeting with a family lawyer for up to one hour.
  • Preparation of your Divorce Petition and Statement of Arrangements for Children.
  • Preparation of all legal documents required for an uncontested divorce.
  • Dealing with all steps from filing your Divorce Petition to applying for your Decree Absolute.
  • Writing to the Court and to your spouse or his/her solicitors as necessary in relation to the divorce.
  • Keeping you advised about progress of all stages.


What’s not included?

  • Dealing with a divorce if it becomes contested by your spouse.
  • Dealing with a divorce with a foreign element.
  • Dealing with a divorce based on adultery where a co-respondent is named in the Divorce Petition.
  • Making changes to your Divorce Petition after it has been issued by the Court.
  • Proceedings or correspondence to resolve financial matters.
  • Proceedings or correspondence relating to children.
  • The cost or work involved in personally serving any documents on your spouse.
  • The cost of any work involved in locating your spouse.
  • The cost of any extra applications that may need to be made to the Court during the Court process.
  • Obtaining a duplicate copy of your Marriage Certificate if you cannot find the original.
  • Obtaining a duplicate copy of your Decree Absolute if you lose it.
  • Any Court Fees including the fee for issuing the Divorce Petition (currently £550 and the fee for applying for the Decree Absolute (currently £45).Your divorce may require additional work to be carried out which is not included in the fixed cost. If this happens in your case then we will advise you before carrying out any additional work and give you an estimate of the likely cost. All additional work will be charged at an hourly rate which your family lawyer will discuss with you.

Included within the comparable price are the court fees which are currently £550 and do not attract VAT ( you may be exempt from these if you are on a low income – Read Here )

Available at our Offices in REDRUTH and TRURO

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