The Legal Ombudsman published today names all firms and individuals that were subject to an investigation, those where a remedy was required and details of what that remedy was.

For claims management 88 companies were investigated, requiring 394 decisions, in just over a year.

PPI claims company Rock Law Limited, subject to a record £570,000 fine by the regulator last October, was subject to 165 decisions, with remedies required in 162 of those cases.

Credit Clear Services had 22 complaints, the majority of those cases resolved by the Ombudsman were for Customer Service – Failure to Keep Updated, Delay and Failure to Progress and resulted in a refund of upfront fees paid.

Top complaints – Claims Management Companies


Direct access barrister Tariq Rehman was the most-complained-about lawyer in the year ending 31 March 2016, with 39 complaints, each requiring a remedy to his client.

Rehman recently lost an appeal in the High Court after seeking to judicially review a number of decisions made against him by the ombudsman.

Top complaints – Legal Services

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