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Searching for solicitors and providers of other professional services can be confusing, stressful and usually expensive. LB compare is here to change that. We will help you quickly find all legal service providers close to your chosen location and show you any fixed fee prices available. We also compile ratings of these companies to help you make an informed choice, after all, the cheapest isn’t always the best for your circumstances. We believe you should be able to easily research and compare firms before you commit to contacting them or handing over any personal details.
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Choosing the right solicitor shouldn’t add to any stress you are already under. Fixed fees are now commonly available in divorce, will drafting and probate. Most firms also offer fixed fees for other services such as 1 hour meetings with a solicitor. LB compare have gathered together information on fixed fee legal services to give you an accurate picture of prices being charged for legal services near you.

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As well as legal services we often find we need service providers to do things we just don’t have the time, or inclination, to do ourselves.  There are plenty of service providers offering to help reclaim missold financial products, such as payment protection insurance. We have tried to bring them all together and enable you to make informed decisions.

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Who are LBcompare? is proudly owned and operated by Celame (UK) Limited, the founders of the LegalBeagles consumer law and help forum.


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